BIG SKY PACKAGING’s Remarkable Presence at Unified Wine and Grape Symposium 2024

It was great meeting you all at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium 2024!

Truly an outstanding event where we at BIG SKY PACKAGING truly stole the spotlight, etching a memorable presence in the wine industry. As the President of BIG SKY PACKAGING, I, Erin, am delighted to express my genuine gratitude for the tremendous success and engagement our team experienced at this esteemed event.

Our Goal Was to Unveil Luxury

Our Goal Was to Unveil Luxury

BIG SKY PACKAGING, well-known as a leader in luxury packaging, took center stage to reveal our innovative and iconic solutions crafted specifically for the wine industry. From exquisitely designed wine packaging to sustainable solutions, our booth exudes sophistication that seamlessly complements the elegance of the wines we represent.

We Made Connections that Thrive

We Made Connections that Thrive
We Made Connections that Thrive.

The Unified Wine and Grape Symposium provided an excellent platform for networking and collaboration. Our team was thrilled to connect with fellow industry professionals, passionate winemakers, and enthusiasts who visited our booth. This event wasn’t just about presenting packaging solutions; it was about building relationships and understanding the unique needs of each brand we had the pleasure of encountering.

A Grateful Thank You

A Grateful Thank You

A genuine thank you goes out to all who took the moment to meet us at the booth. We deeply appreciate the lively conversations, insightful discussions, and shared enthusiasm for the artistry of wine packaging. Your support and interest were truly overwhelming, affirming our commitment to delivering excellence in the luxury packaging space.

Captivating Moments We Lived

Captivating Moments We Lived

As Unified 2024 unfolded, BIG SKY PACKAGING documented captivating moments shared at the event. Through engaging visuals and interactive displays, attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand the precision and dedication infused into each packaging solution. Our fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation created a buzz that resonated throughout the symposium

Beyond the Symposium

Our Goal Was to Unveil Luxury.
Beyond the Symposium

For those who may have missed the chance to visit our booth during the symposium, I extend an open invitation to continue the conversation. Our commitment to elevating your brand through bespoke packaging solutions extends beyond the event. Feel free to reach out at any time at, and let’s explore how we can collaborate to enhance the visual identity of your wines.

It’s Not The End…

Its Not The End…

Unified Wine and Grape Symposium 2024 marked a significant milestone for BIG SKY PACKAGING, but our journey doesn’t end here. We remain dedicated to continuous innovation and collaboration within the wine industry. Our goal is to be at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what luxury packaging can achieve.

In the aftermath of Unified 2024, BIG SKY PACKAGING stands proud, not only as a leader in luxury wine packaging but as an institution deeply invested in the victory and growth of our clients. As the wine industry continues to evolve, so does our commitment to deliver packaging solutions that embody the essence of luxury and innovation.

Unified 2024 was not just an event; it was a testament to our unwavering dedication to the artistry of wine packaging. See you next year again!

World of Wine & Spirit Packaging Solutions: Insights, Tips & More

It’s time to delve into the world of wine and spirits, where packaging is more than just a treat to our eyes. Think of it as a painter’s canvas, a storyteller, and a guardian of treasures—all rolled into one. As packaging reshapes how our drinks appear on the shelf, packaging engineers work wonders and create exclusive solutions.

Picture this: Boxes that are like magic chests, carrying not just bottles but the trust customers show in the brand. Bags that don’t just have things, but hold secrets waiting to be revealed. This guide is your map to this exciting world of wine and spirit packaging. Here, we break down the walls of ordinary packaging and let innovative packaging roam free.

Wine and Spirits packaging has evolved into more than a shield for bottles these days. It’s a reflection of a brand’s heart, a sign that something amazing is about to happen. We learn about the choices that make designs pop, materials that have stories to tell, and smart moves that turn opening a box into pure joy.

From planet-friendly packaging that hugs the Earth, to colors, textures, and letters that show what a brand is all about, we invite you to explore a world where packaging of wines and spirits isn’t just a sidekick—it’s the star. Join us to discover how packaging can be fancy and practical, a mix of old and new, all in one. Also, we will learn about its importance, types, and much more. Let’s begin!

How Does Wine and Spirit Packaging Benefit Businesses?

How Does Wine and Spirit Packaging Benefit Businesses

Beyond its functional role of protecting products, packaging helps shape brand perception, foster customer loyalty, and drive sales.

Firstly, the packaging is the brand’s visual representative, expressing its essence and values before the first sip. A well-manufactured package captures attention on crowded shelves, making a strong first impression that lingers in consumers’ minds. It’s no less than the bridge between the brand’s story and the consumer’s experience.

Secondly, packaging wields the power of differentiation. In a market flooded with options, unique packaging stands out, building a memorable experience that’s etched into the customer’s memory. A carefully crafted package can evoke feelings, tell a story, or convey exclusivity, making the brand more adorable.

Moreover, packaging extends the brand experience beyond the purchase. A captivating unboxing ritual adds value to the product, creating an emotional connection that amplifies customer loyalty. Brands that invest in packaging as an experience elevate themselves from mere products to cherished memories.

From elevating brand recognition to enhancing perceived value, packaging is an investment that yields substantial returns. It’s the silent advocate that communicates a brand’s ethos, resonates with consumers, and transforms a mere bottle into a treasure trove of delight—a vital asset for any wine and spirit business.

Important Aspects to Consider for Wine & Spirit Packaging

Creating the right packaging for wine & spirits, especially for online sales, is like putting together a puzzle. There are different aspects to consider to make sure everything fits perfectly. Let’s learn all of them.

Keeping It Safe

There is no doubt that wine and spirits bottles are fragile, so it’s more like an essential function of a packaging box to keep them safe. This is the most significant factor. The packaging must make sure the bottles don’t get smashed or shaken during transit. To be sure it works, it is the packaging engineer who ensures how well it holds up in different circumstances.

Easy to Open

Visualize getting a package and requiring a lot of tools to open it. That’s indeed frustrating. So, the packaging should be easy to open. People don’t want to struggle with scissors or knives. It must be like a door that opens with just a push.

Contributing to Earth

Using resources to create packaging that doesn’t hurt the planet is really important. Think about how much plastic we use and how it can cause problems for the environment. When picking materials, like paper, wood, or molded paper instead of plastic, it’s like choosing things that won’t hurt our home.


The packaging must introduce your brand. It portrays who you are and what your brand’s vision is all about. The choice of colors, logos, and words on the package must convey a story. It’s like saying, “Who we are.” In all, when people see your package, they must know it’s from your brand.

Labeling Is Important

Labeling is one aspect of alcoholic beverage packaging. When it comes to alcohol, there are various legal provisions for what a label should carry. This includes vital information like how much % alcohol the bottle contains, where it comes from, and even the health warnings. But that doesn’t imply that labels are boring! Packaging engineers ensure that the design can still follow the rules and catch the eyes of all on the shelves. It’s like finding the right balance between following the law and showing off your brand’s personality.

Custom packaging is like putting together a puzzle that fits just right. It keeps the bottles of wines and spirits safe, opens easily, doesn’t hurt the Earth, and shows off your brand. It’s a remarkable package that does a lot more than just hold a bottle—it tells a story, keeps things safe, and shows that your brand cares about both its customers and the world we live in.

Materials Used for Wine & Spirits Packaging

Materials Used for Wine Spirits Packaging

Packaging materials enhance the presentation, protection, and overall appeal of wine and spirits products. Among the diverse array of options available, cardboard, paper, wood, and fabric stand out as versatile choices that can transform packaging from functional to alluring. Each material brings unique attributes to the table, catering to different market segments and consumer preferences.

Cardboard and paper have long been preferred for their lightweight yet sturdy nature, making them ideal for packaging wine and spirits. The suitability of these materials lies in their ability to safeguard delicate contents from external factors while offering ample space for branding and information. Molded pulp is one popular sustainable packaging material crafted from recycled paper and cardboard; its eco-friendly nature makes it ideal for wine and spirits packaging. It provides cushioning, protection, and branding possibilities, ensuring products are safe during transit while minimizing environmental impact.

Wood, often associated with premium products, lends an air of elegance and sophistication to packaging. Woods like pine, oak, and cedar are chosen for their durability, distinct grain patterns, and aroma. Pine may be used for a more rustic feel, oak for its classic and timeless look, and cedar for its natural scent that can enhance the overall sensory experience. Wood as a sustainable packaging option resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers, as it is biodegradable and can be sourced responsibly. Wood also offers opportunities for intricate carving, laser etching, or branding, enabling personalization that aligns with luxury branding strategies.

The choice of packaging materials can significantly influence a wine or spirits product’s perception in the market. Cardboard and paper offer versatility and printing options, wood imparts premium elegance and sustainability, and fabric provides a tactile and luxurious experience. Each material has its unique attributes that can be harnessed to create packaging that not only protects the contents but also communicates the brand’s identity, story, and values. As the packaging industry continues to evolve, innovative combinations of these materials will likely lead to even more captivating and engaging packaging solutions for the wine and spirits sector.

Sustainable Wine & Spirits Packaging Solutions

Sustainable Wine and Spirits Packaging Solutions

In response to the growing need for eco-conscious practices, sustainable packaging solutions for wines and spirits have emerged too. Using packaging that’s kind to the planet isn’t just something popular for a short time; it’s something we really need in a world that wants to balance business with taking care of nature. And as we work towards this goal, there are three important ways we can make packaging more sustainable.


Eco-friendly materials can be crucial to change. Packaging manufacturers are increasingly turning to recycled, biodegradable, or compostable materials to craft wine and spirit packaging. By utilizing materials that have a reduced environmental footprint, the industry is contributing to the conservation of resources and the reduction of waste.


Another approach gaining traction is minimalist packaging. Embracing this, brands are opting for sleek, simple designs that require fewer resources to produce and generate less waste. This approach not only reduces material usage but also enhances the visual appeal by focusing on essential design elements.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of wines and spirits packaging is being actively addressed. Companies are adopting energy-efficient manufacturing processes and transportation methods, effectively lowering emissions associated with packaging production and distribution. This reduction in carbon footprint aligns with global efforts to combat climate change.

In conclusion, sustainable packaging solutions for wines and spirits are steering the industry towards a greener future. Through the use of eco-friendly materials, minimalist designs, and carbon footprint reduction strategies, brands are not only meeting consumer demand for

environmentally responsible choices but also contributing to the overall well-being of the planet.

Selecting The Right Packaging Style

As the industry adapts to eCommerce, the options for wine & spirits packaging have expanded, offering more choices than ever before. Selecting the right packaging style is essential as it conveys your brand’s message and ensures your products arrive in excellent condition.

Paperboard Inserts

Paperboard inserts are a popular choice due to their ability to securely hold wine & spirits bottles during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage. These inserts are environmentally friendly as they can be made from FSC certified paperboard and provide visibility to the product. As about our EnviroTray® paperboard inserts!

EVA & rEVA Inserts

EVA foam inserts, offered in virgin or recycled material, provide excellent bottle protection during shipping and provide additional space for branding and other elements. It allows for unique and distinctive packaging designs that reflect your brand identity.

Moulded Paper Pulp Inserts

For a touch of luxury and sustainability molded paper pulp inserts are an attractive option. It not only ensures product safety in transit, but also conveys your brand commitment to the environment, thereby enhancing the overall experience and leaving a positive impression.

Divider Packaging

Dividers keep multiple bottles secure during shipping and come in various options. These solutions cater to many product sizes and help prevent bottles from colliding and breaking.

Cut & Sew Bags

Natural material bags offer a convenient way to transport wine & spirits bottles. These versatile bags offer protection, and ease of carrying, and also often feature attractive designs, making them an apt choice for on-the-go wine enthusiasts and as thoughtful present packaging.

Role of Packaging Engineers In Making Wine & Spirits Packaging

Role of Packaging Engineers In Making Wine and Spirits Packaging

Packaging engineers ensure the way products are presented, preserved, and safeguarded holds immense importance. Their expertise encompasses both technical and creative aspects, influencing the entire consumer experience and brand image. Particularly within the world of wine and spirits packaging, their roles encompass:

1. Material Selection

Packaging engineers carefully assess and choose materials that uphold the product’s integrity. For wines and spirits, this involves understanding how bottles can remain safe as well as how they appear on the shelf.

2. Design Innovation

Collaborating with manufacturers, engineers craft packaging that not only reflects the brand’s identity but also resonates with consumers. In the case of premium products like wines and spirits, they ensure the packaging design exudes elegance, communicates luxury, and sets the product apart on store shelves.

3. Sustainability Considerations

With a growing emphasis on sustainability, packaging engineers develop eco-conscious solutions that minimize environmental impact. This might encompass using recyclable or biodegradable materials and optimizing packaging dimensions to reduce excess waste.

We at BIG SKY PACKAGING upgrade your wine's essence with Distinctive Packaging Solutions

4. Sealing and Closure Solutions

A secure closure is paramount to prevent evaporation and maintain product quality. Packaging engineers develop closures that offer an airtight seal while remaining user-friendly and visually appealing.

5. Regulatory Compliance

As mentioned above, the wine and spirits industry is subject to various regulations including labeling requirements and alcohol content restrictions. Packaging engineers ensure that the packaging adheres to all legal standards, including necessary safety warnings and information.

6. Transportation and Handling

Engineers take into account the product’s journey from production to store shelves. They design packaging that shields against breakage during transit and is convenient for distributors, retailers, and consumers to handle.

7. Brand Differentiation

Packaging engineers aid brands in standing out within a competitive market by incorporating distinctive features. This might encompass unique closures, embossed details, debossed elements, or other embellishments that amplify the packaging’s visual allure.

8. User Experience

The aim of packaging engineers is to enhance the user experience by creating packaging that is easy to open, pour, and reseal. For wine and spirits, this ensures that consumers can enjoy the product without any hassle.

Packaging engineers contribute significantly to a brand’s success by melding technical expertise with creative ingenuity. Their goal is to produce packaging solutions that not only safeguard the product but also amplify its allure and value for consumers.

We Offer Winning Wine & Spirits Packaging Solutions…

We Offer Winning Wine and Spirits Packaging Solutions…

Enhance your wine & spirits packaging experience with BIG SKY PACKAGING, where our adept packaging engineers are poised to weave magic into every solution. Whether you seek a transformation of your existing packaging or the birth of a new masterpiece, our experts guarantee an exquisite fusion of allure, functionality, and affordability. As prominent players in the industry, we embrace sustainability and environmental consciousness, crafting exceptional packaging that enhances your bottles and amplifies your brand’s essence.

Some of Our Works

Here we are highlighting the dynamic partnership between BIG SKY PACKAGING and a few brands like Rabbit Hole Whiskey, Seven Apart Vineyard, and Frigate Rum Reserve. Explore how innovative packaging strategies brought each brand’s essence to life, leaving a lasting impact on their market presence.

Rabbit Hole Whiskey

As part of our commitment to enhancing brand identity and product presentation, we played a pivotal role in the launch of Rabbit Hole Whiskey. Collaborating closely with the brand, we developed a custom wood closure adorned with the iconic Rabbit Hole logo, complete with a natural cork sourced from Portugal. The result was a distinctive packaging solution that resonated with the brand’s essence and elevated its market presence.

Seven Apart Vineyard (Napa, CA)

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, Seven Apart Vineyard sought to encapsulate the essence of their wines through impeccable packaging. We were honored to contribute our expertise in crafting high-end packaging solutions for this esteemed winery. By working collaboratively, we helped Seven Apart Vineyard create packaging that not only protected their product but also conveyed the brand’s premium quality and commitment to excellence.

Frigate Rum Reserve

When it came to realizing a unique packaging vision, Frigate Rum Reserve turned to us as its packaging partner of choice. The collaborative efforts between both of us resulted in the development of captivating custom spirits packaging. Our dedication to translating brand values into packaging aesthetics enabled Frigate Rum Reserve to successfully introduce its product to the market with packaging that authentically reflects the spirit’s essence and story.

Wine Packaging Solutions at BIG SKY PACKAGING

These are only a few of the prominent brands and wineries we’ve collaborated with. But, these partnerships have been invaluable in our journey to expand our expertise and refine our top-tier packaging solutions, allowing us to serve the best of the needs of more wine and spirit businesses like yours. 

So, if any of such brand stories relate to your vision or you carry any other new packaging ideas for your wines and spirits, we are happy to bring your packaging dream to a reality.

Let’s create unboxing moments for your customers that linger in memory and enrich the legacy of your wines & spirits.

Wine and Spirits Packaging Tips: How Packaging Engineers Can Help?

Wine and Spirits Packaging Tips: How Packaging Engineers Can Help?

What creates wine & spirits demand? Sure, it’s taste, but how you package it matters, too, as that’s going to pull your customers’ attention. Find packaging tips for your brand!

The clinking of glasses, the rich aroma of aged spirits, and the subtle notes that accent the product – these are the things that make the wine and spirits industry so alluring. 

But what catches your eye first? The Packaging, of course.

The packaging is the unsung hero that protects the beverage, maintains its quality, and catches the consumer’s eye on the shelf. And Packaging engineers are the heroes behind the scenes who make sure that the packaging design and materials used are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and effective.

In this article, let’s look at the world of wine and spirits packaging and discuss the crucial role packaging engineers play in ensuring that the beverage reaches the consumer in its best form.

What Packaging Engineers Do With Your Wine and Spirits Packaging?

What Packaging Engineers Do With Your Wine and Spirits Packaging?

Choose the Right Materials

Packaging engineers help in choosing the right materials for wine and spirits packaging. The materials used should protect the product externally. Experts take care of all factors while crafting exceptional wine and spirits packaging solutions such as; premium wine club boxes, unit boxes, bags, totes, and customized e-commerce solutions. Being experienced in the industry, they understand the specific needs of any wine and spirits brand and meticulously attend to the details to deliver wine and spirit packaging that not only complements the products but also guarantees secure transportation.

Packaging for Ease of Use

Packaging engineers develop custom wine and spirits packaging that meets the needs of both the product and the end user. Ease of opening and use is another crucial aspect to consider when developing wine packaging. The packaging should be user-friendly, making it easy for the consumer to open, handle & store the product. Right experts create packaging solutions that offer both functionality and convenience, enhancing the overall consumer experience.

Consider Branding & Marketing

Packaging engineers consider branding and marketing when devising wine and spirits packaging. The wine and spirit boxes should be visually appealing and communicate the brand’s message effectively. Also, it should be crafted in a way to stand out on the shelf, attract the consumer’s attention and increase sales.

Production Management

Packaging engineers always test wine and spirits box packaging for functionality before finalizing. Experts are responsible for managing the production, quality assurance, quality control, and shipping to your fulfillment center, regardless of the type of packaging involved, such as primary or secondary packaging, e-commerce packaging, gift sets, or set boxes. They oversee the manufacturing aspects of the entire process.

Works as a Team

Right packaging engineers collaborate with companies to understand their needs and what they want to send to consumers. Collaboration helps packaging engineers develop packaging that meets the company’s goals and objectives.

Consider the Cost

Packaging engineers consider the cost when creating wine and spirits packaging. The packaging should be designed to be cost-effective, and the materials used should be affordable. However, the right packaging engineers ensure that the packaging is of high quality and protects the product while being affordable.

Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends

Packaging engineers stay up-to-date with industry trends. By keeping abreast of changes in the market, they better understand consumer behavior and expectations, enabling them to create packaging that resonates with their target audience. For example, if a particular type of packaging has become popular in the market, packaging engineers can explore the possibility of incorporating that design into their wine packaging. They may also consider adding features such as sustainable materials or easy-to-use, sustainable, eco-friendly wine and spirits packaging to cater to consumers who prioritize eco-friendliness and convenience.

In all, by adapting to the latest industry trends, packaging engineers can create wine and spirits packaging that connects with users on a more profound level, ultimately driving sales and brand loyalty.

Who Should Reach Packaging Engineers?

Packaging engineering involves the design, development, and testing of packaging for products. The primary goal of packaging engineering is to protect the product, sustain its quality, and provide an attractive appearance to the product. 

Brands who require wine and spirits packaging solutions can consult packaging engineers to help design and manufacture wine and spirits packaging that meet their specific requirements for easy handling and transportation.

In addition, packaging engineers can also work with branding and marketing teams to create packaging that aligns with the brand’s image and appeals to the target audience.

We’re Just a Phone Call Away!

BIG SKY PACKAGING specializes in creating customized packaging solutions for wine and spirits that not only showcase your brand’s unique identity but also adhere to the high standards of the industry. Whether you are a wine or spirit producer, distributor, or retailer, our packaging engineers are available to provide their expertise and develop packaging solutions that meet your specific needs. Simply reach out to us to leverage our expertise in wine and spirits packaging solutions.

Let’s Connect To Discuss Unparalleled Wine & Spirits Packaging!

All You Need to Know about Wine and Spirits Packaging

An effective packaging design can be a powerful tool for wine and spirits brands looking to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. Whether custom or customized stock, we can all agree that packaging is an essential part of what enables a product to be successful, as it communicates the brand’s message and quality to potential customers. It is often the first interaction a customer has with a brand, making it an essential part of marketing and sales. Custom packaging design can elevate a product, grabbing the attention of potential customers, making a statement and engaging current consumers.

For wine and spirits brands, packaging can be used to make a statement and enhance the customer experience. Using specialized materials and custom shapes and sizes, brands are able to create visually stunning packaging that elevates the product and catches the eye of potential customers on the shelf. There are endless possibilities for custom shapes and sizes for bottles, caps, boxes and labels, which are essential components of an effective custom packaging design.

Essential Components fir Wine & Spirits Packaging

Boxes not only keep the product safe in transit, but can be used to create a unique customer experience with the added convenience of being able to store the product in a box. Creating custom boxes with an “unboxing” experience give each customer a little extra with each opening. Think of opening an iPhone and how you feel opening a $1,000 phone….

Labels are a critical part of making a statement and reinforce the brand message. Labels can be customized through color, texture and paper type to grab the attention of potential customers. The right label design can also help to ensure that product information is conveyed clearly and concisely. 

Caps are another important component of custom packaging for wine and spirits brands. Caps can be designed to be stylish and eye-catching, but must also effectively keep the contents secure and alert customers to the seal intact. Specialized printing on the cap can also be used to present additional product information.

Bottles are the first element of wine and spirits packaging that customers see, so a bottle must make an unforgettable impression on potential customers. Unique shapes and sizes help customers identify the brand and set it apart from the competition. Specialized materials, such as recycled, biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, can also be used to give the product an environmentally-friendly element that resonates with consumers.

The experience makes the cost more palatable! Custom packaging is essential for elevating wine and spirits products and attracting customers in the market. By using unique shapes and sizes, specialized materials and custom printing, brands can create packaging that stands out and makes a memorable impression. Through effective custom packaging design, brands can set themselves apart and make sure their product is noticed on the shelf.

Seven Apart Vineyard Takes Napa by Storm

BIG SKY PACKAGING is proud to provide high-end packaging solutions to Seven Apart, located in the heart of Napa Valley.

When it comes to California winemakers, there are few with resumés as impressive as Andy Erickson’s. Having worked with some of Napa’s most celebrated wineries including Screaming Eagle, Harlan, Ovid, Mayacamas Vineyards, Dalla Valle, and Favia to name a few, his reputation speaks for itself. Andy is a leader in Napa’s next generation of highly prized Cabernet Sauvignon.

Seven Apart’s success is all due to our two vineyards Stags Ridge and Base Camp. While Stags Ridge sits atop a peak, Base Camp thrives on the majestic valley floor where the Silverado Trail meets Soda Canyon Road in Napa.  The story of Seven Apart’s rise to the top is just as impressive.

Contact BIG SKY PACKAGING and see how we can help build your brand.

Focus on building your brand, not your packaging.

Jon Taffer Launches Mixology Line | Customized Drink Packaging

Taffer’s Mixologist, Created By ‘Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer And Dr. Phil’s Son Jay McGraw

For the past 12 months BIG SKY PACKAGING has been working directly with the Taffer group, ultimately creating the perfect packaging solution for this non-alcoholic mixer in customized stock packaging.

Taffer’s Mixologist, created by Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue, and Dr. Phil’s son Jay McGraw, comes in seven flavors. Taffer’s Mixology collection of cocktails was unveiled recently on Dr. Phil, and the success is quickly gaining momentum.

With the help of the BIG SKY PACKAGING team; Taffer’s Mixologist launched seven non-alcoholic, pre-mixed bottles of ingredients co-developed with mixologist Brian Van Flandren. The available cocktails include Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Mojito, Piña Colada, Skinny Margarita, and Strawberry Margarita. To curb calories, the mixes are sweetened by a combination of cane sugar, stevia leaf extract, and monk fruit extract, along with other natural flavors and juices from the concentrate.

Each 32-ounce bottle retails for under $6.00 and contains nine to 13 servings, according to the brand, and is now available in retail stores nationwide, including Walmart.

Contact BIG SKY PACKAGING with specific inquiries for your brand packaging needs.  From complete custom packaging to customized stock packaging, the BIG SKY PACKAGING team has you covered.

Frigate Rum Reserve | Custom Spirits Packaging

An outstanding rum by Frigate Rum Reserve, in custom spirits packaging, created by some of the industries finest rum makers.

Inspired by a 1600 era bottle discovered by the folks at Frigate Rum Reserve – and a world class rum maker (Don Pancho Fernandez) – this iconic rum is beginning to take the rum category to another level.

Immediately the eye catching asymetetric bottle shape, casted metal coin bottle plaque, wood cork stopper with laser engraved logo and vintage paper label demand your full attention.  The rum itself reaffirms the exterior branding and packaging message, which is simply an old world unique flavor and balanced tasting experience.  Proudly selected as the brands’ packaging partner for the creation and development of their custom packaging concepts, the BIG SKY PACKAGING team has worked side-by-side with Frigate Rum Reserve to bring this custom spirits packaging to market.

Visit Frigate Rum Reserve to learn more about this incredible brand’s story, inspiration, product and availability.

Custom glass bottle, custom metal bottle plaque, custom wood closure and vintage labels by BIG SKY PACKAGING. Contact BIG SKY PACKAGING today and learn how we can work as your in-house packaging partner.

American Cocktail Club | Spirit Subscription Packaging

This brilliant e-commerce packaging concept by American Cocktail Club is a monthly subscription box that sends you everything you need to make 4 servings of a world-class cocktail. Each custom box is hand curated by the country’s most incredible mixologists using all-natural mixers from American Juice Company, giving the consumer a custom cocktail experience with every delivery.  All components and ingredients for your masterpiece are nested securely in our signature orange custom spirit packaging, for guaranteed quality upon arrival at your doorstep.

Choose the everything but booze box for $34.99 monthly or the everything box which contains booze for $44.99.

Custom Spirit Packaging by BIG SKY PACKAGING.

Papa’s Pilar Rum | Flexibility in Custom Spirit Packaging

Papa’s Pilar Expands Its Expressions

It’s truly remarkable to think about how far the company has come since it first launched in 2013 with its blonde and dark expressions, opening its distillery in Key West, to its ongoing release of unique expressions with custom spirit packaging that continue to impress.

The Hemingway Rum Company and Papa’s Pilar understand the importance and impact of personalization in packaging, having clearly demonstrated their dedication by continually offering new brand expressions, all while using the same custom packaging the brand was built on.  By using the brands core packaging closure and plaque components cast in metal, and personalizing each new expression through custom color plating, the Papa’s brand achieves a “fresh” look year after year.

Far too often “custom” packaging is deemed to be expensive, time-consuming, or simply outside the development comfort zone of the brand owner.  In reality, by engineering flexible custom packaging you actually give your brand the opportunity to connect personally and mature with your consumers, as your brand grows.  The ability to create affordable custom packaging, that distinguishes you from competitors in the space, is 100% achievable and directly elevates the perceived value of your brand.

Custom Spirit Packaging by BIG SKY PACKAGING.

Loch & Union Gin – 2018 Spirit Awards

Loch & Union Distilling 2018 | Racks Up 17 Individual Spirit Awards!

The 2018 calendar year proved to be a busy one for Loch & Union Distillery in Napa Valley, CA.   Awards ranging from Custom Spirits Packaging, Best in Class, to  Best California Gin Distillery the Loch & Union team has been making its presence in the industry known.

“Gin has many styles and variations and every distiller has their own way of doing things, like Grandma who swears by her apple pie. We’ve taken inspiration from the classics and made them our own.”Loch & Union

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Slightly vanilla tinged with heady notes of grilled mushroom, wet leaves, and a hint of anise and baking spice.

(The Gin Is In) Loch & Union’s Barley Gin wears the barley on its sleeve. The nose is full of classic hallmarks of malted barley. It’s slightly funky, slightly warming, and especially in the case of Barley Gin— it’s really nice. And balanced as well. Aromatics from the botanicals come through and add intrigue and depth. Notes of orange, cocoa, anise, and resiny juniper lie just under the surface.

Barley Gin is aromatically complex, but it’s primarily about the grain.

Palate: Grain and Madagascar vanilla bean husk early, juniper and cocoa beans mid-palate with orange and raspberry on the finish. 

Barley Gin takes a second to hit the palate. There’s a slight hint of grain and vanilla early. The creaminess segues into a mid-palate where the botanicals really roar. Juniper is a secondary player here, but present.

Custom Spirit Packaging by BIG SKY PACKAGING.