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    With offices 30 minutes outside NYC, BIG SKY directly services and maintains trusted relationships with some of the industry’s best and biggest brands.

    BIG SKY PACKAGING currently produces components in the USA, Europe, and Asia, while always keeping budget expectations in mind and never compromising quality.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The BIG SKY PACKAGING philosophy is simple; concentrate on the development of your brand equity, marketing, distribution and sales strategy.

    Not long at all. Once we go through our initial consultation and complex briefing, you will receive the designs within three working days.

    BSP does not have a catalog of components manufactured. Our team of professionals work with you to identify the project specific needs.

    Once the project needs are identified, the BSP team will provide samples for your further consideration. Once the components are approved, the BSP team will provide pre-production samples for your approval.

    BSP works with a number of different design and branding companies, across a variety of different industries. The BSP team will work directly with you, the design & branding firm, to create components that exceed your expectations. Let us know if you need design & branding assistance!

    Lead-times can vary for each project and point of production.