Frigate Rum Reserve | Custom Spirits Packaging

  • 15 May, 2019
  • 1 minute
Frigate Rum

An outstanding rum by Frigate Rum Reserve, in custom spirits packaging, created by some of the industries finest rum makers.

Inspired by a 1600 era bottle discovered by the folks at Frigate Rum Reserve – and a world class rum maker (Don Pancho Fernandez) – this iconic rum is beginning to take the rum category to another level.

Immediately the eye catching asymetetric bottle shape, casted metal coin bottle plaque, wood cork stopper with laser engraved logo and vintage paper label demand your full attention.  The rum itself reaffirms the exterior branding and packaging message, which is simply an old world unique flavor and balanced tasting experience.  Proudly selected as the brands’ packaging partner for the creation and development of their custom packaging concepts, the BIG SKY PACKAGING team has worked side-by-side with Frigate Rum Reserve to bring this custom spirits packaging to market.

Visit Frigate Rum Reserve to learn more about this incredible brand’s story, inspiration, product and availability.

Custom glass bottle, custom metal bottle plaque, custom wood closure and vintage labels by BIG SKY PACKAGING. Contact BIG SKY PACKAGING today and learn how we can work as your in-house packaging partner.

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