Ocean Plastic Packaging Solutions

Make a conscious packaging choice with recycled ocean plastic packaging. 

* Minimum Order Quantity 10,000/sku

Making Best From Waste: Ocean Plastic Packaging Solutions

At BIG SKY PACKAGING, sustainability is one of our core values and thus we replace virgin mono plastic with recycled ocean plastic to create packaging solutions. Ocean plastic is extracted from the ocean surface and recycled to create packaging solutions that not only reduce waste but also are a huge step towards sustainability. From the beauty industry to fashion, home decor, and many other industries are leveraging ocean plastic & marching towards a sustainable future. 

Want to join our sustainability movement with recycled ocean plastic packaging solutions?

Why Ocean Plastic Packaging? 

Every year, tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean, beaches, and water bodies that not only pollute the water but also endanger the water species. We take our responsibility of keeping our planet green & healthy seriously and therefore, we use recycled ocean plastic as an alternative  to virgin plastic. Ocean plastic is collected, segregated, cleaned, melted, and converted into plastic chips. These chips are further used to create packaging solutions for various products such as clothing, cosmetics, personal care products, grooming products, children’s toys and much more! 

Benefits Of Ocean Plastic Packaging 

Reduced Waste

Ocean plastic is made from plastic waste thus it removes the waste from ocean & water bodies.

100% Recycled

Unlike other packaging materials, ocean plastic is 100% recycled plastic aimed at reducing pollution.

Represents Sustainable Values

Using ocean plastic packaging is a great way of telling your customers that you care for the environment.

Looking For Sustainable Packaging Solutions? 

Sustainability FAQs 

We offer sustainable packaging options such as PCR plastic, aluminum, glass, wood, ocean plastic, mono-material and refillable packaging.

Ocean Bound Plastic can come from a variety of land and ocean-based sources; enter the water in many ways; and impact the ocean and Great Lakes. Once in the water, plastic debris never fully biodegrades.

Ocean plastic can be used for creating beauty product packaging, personal care, hair care, toys, home products packaging, etc.

Since ocean plastic is already recycled, it is hard to recycle it further. However, if it has less than 5% impurities then it can be further recycled.

Yes, ocean bound plastic is more expensive than traditional options; due to the high cost of gathering, sorting, cleaning and converting the material.