Eco-friendly custom product packaging with Envirotray®

* Minimum Order Quantity 10,000/sku

Reduce Carbon Footprint With Envirotray®

Envirotray is a brilliant alternative to plastic tray inserts used for retail and e-commerce packaging. This patent-protected solution is available in FSC-certified paperboard and is primarily used for securing goods in retail and e-commerce boxes. It is available in 120 stock colors. with customized printed decoration options that align with your brand identity. An alternative to plastic, Envirotray can help you significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Envirotray®? 

With Envirotray, you can get many benefits like low-cost tooling, quick turnaround time, FSC paperboard options, competitive pricing, options for custom & stock packaging, products shipped to your pack-out facility, and much more! 

So get all these benefits and save the environment at the same time with Envirotray!

Benefits Of Envirotray®

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Envirotray is an alternative to plastic tray inserts that help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Custom Decoration

Envirotray is available in 120 stock color options & you can get custom printed decoration for your brand.

Pocket-Friendly Packaging

Save both environment & money with low-cost tooling & competitive pricing of Envirotray.

Looking For Sustainable Packaging Solutions? 

Envirotray® FAQs

The Envirotray is commonly used in Beauty, Fragrance, Hair Care, Personal Care, Cannabis, Wine & Spirits.

The Envirotray insert is fully biodegradable, recyclable, and also offered with FSC certification options.

By opting for Envirotray, you can get advantages like low tooling cost, fully recyclable packaging, biodegradable packaging, FSC material options, higher speed to market, reduced overall cost, and more.

Envirotray is offered in more than 100 stock colors. Custom colors can be created for larger orders.

Our team ship tests each Envirotray design with the final packaging to ensure safe delivery of your products.