Frequently Asked Questions

BSP does not have a catalog of components manufactured. Our team of industry professionals work with you to identify the project specific needs.

BSP has experience in a number of different industries, which give us valuable insight in the process of creating truly iconic packaging. Industries we service include, but are not limited to: Beauty, Bath & Body, Color Cosmetics, Fragrance, Hair Care, Home, Jewelry, Men’s Grooming, Supplements, Beverage, Wine, Spirits and Cannabis.

BSP makes caps, closures, bottles, jars, tubes, droppers, lipstick cases, lip gloss tubes, compacts, powder cases, airless packaging, paper boxes / cartons, paper set boxes, paper tubes, e-commerce boxes, paper bags, fabric bags / totes… and much more!

Stock components may be available on a limited basis depending upon specific project needs.

Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) varies based on the component type and material. For sectors such as Beauty, Cannabis & CBD, Color Cosmetics, Fragrance, Hair Care, Personal Care, and Men’s Grooming, the Minimum Order Quantity is 10,000 units per SKU. However, for Wine & Spirits, the minimum order quantity is 250 units per SKU.

Lead-times can vary for each project and point of production.

BSP currently manufactures goods in North America, Europe and Asia. Factory selection is based on the project requirements; specifically pricing and timing expectations.

BSP works with a number of different design and branding companies, across a variety of different industries. The BSP team will work directly with you, the design & branding firm, to create components that exceed your expectations. Let us know if you need design & branding assistance!

Send us your ideas, inspiration, or design concept renderings for the project and a brief summary of the project in development. A BSP team member will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss the project in more detail.

The BSP team works with you – or your designer – in the evaluation of your design concept renderings, providing engineering, materials, decoration and costing options for your brand.

Sustainable materials used depends on the project, but BSP is experienced with Glass, Metal, Wood, PCR Plastic, Ocean Bound Plastic, Mono-Material, Bio-Material, FSC paperboard. Our team is constantly looking for new material technologies for use in packaging!

Absolutely! BSP can provide both undecorated and photo-ready prototypes for your custom development. All prototype options are quoted and billed separately. Undecorated prototypes are excellent for size impression and feel, while photo-ready prototypes can be used for advance sales, marketing and investment presentations.

Once the component(s) are approved, the BSP team will provide samples for your approval before production.

Yes. The BSP team can provide door-to-door shipping and logistics for your orders, anywhere in the world.

Yes, our team can assist with Compliance & Regulatory requirements for your project.