Fragrance Packaging: What Vital Factors To Look For?

Are you running a fragrance brand and want your packaging to jump off the shelf right into your customer’s cart? Here are the factors you ought to concentrate on.

A well-designed fragrance package can create a positive impression on the customer and make the product stand out on the shelves. It can communicate the brand’s identity, values, and style, as well as the scent’s personality and characteristics. 

The right fragrance packaging can truly sway a brand’s marketing. However, if you want your brand to stand apart, you need to ensure your fragrance packaging is perfect.

Here are the factors you can consider and determine the same.

Vital Factors To Make Your Fragrance Packaging Design Perfect

Vital Factors To Make Your Perfume Packaging Design Perfect

1. Creativity is the Key

Of course, it’s the creativity that pulls the attention of the customers towards our products. Hence while checking out whether you have a perfect design or not, you need to focus on its top-notch creativity level.  

Having the right blend of enticing colors, drawings, and fonts can make you achieve that. The design should be easy to understand and communicate the key features and benefits of the product. What’s actually important is the design should be like it attracts your target audience and sells immediately by leaving a positive impact on them. You can also conduct research to understand the demographics, preferences, and buying behavior of your relevant customers. This will help you create a packaging design that appeals to them.

In all, the creativity of the design should complement the fragrance.

2. Information Should be Precise

Avoid clutter and too much information on the packaging if you want your packaging to remain attractive. Providing straightforward and clear information on fragrance packaging is crucial for engaging potential customers and ensuring that they have a positive experience with your product. Of course, you can incorporate your brand’s logo and imagery into the packaging design as it reinforces brand recognition and creates a sense of familiarity with customers.

However, too much in a little space can immediately break your connection with your customers. Every customer likes to be a able to read the label contents, and the information should be clear and creative. 

A few attributes you can take care of:

  • Brand name, corporate address, point of manufacture
  • Description of contents
  • Ingredients
  • Warning statement, if required.

Counting all,  your label should reflect your fragrance characteristics to relate to more and more customers. 

3. How Durable is it

Obviously fragrance bottles are fragile products, hence additional care is required for filling, pack out and ultimately the shipping process. Whether you are shipping your customer a single unit, or gift set, the outer packaging will ensure safe delivery of your branded product.

You can ask BIG SKY PACKAGING what kind of boxes or set boxes are best suited for your fragrance brand.

Smart Tip. Give a Custom Touch to Your Packaging Design

Above all, custom touch is everything that makes your fragrance brand steal the show. It not only remains in the memory of the customers but entices them to buy instantly. All you need to do is find the way to your customer’s hearts by relating it to their needs.  If you tailor your packaging design according to your audience, it’s going to be your strongest selling point.

Harness the power of consumer targeting by enhancing the whole design of your fragrance packaging, including its shape and functionality; witness a boost in repeating and fresh customers.

Conclusion: Make it Unique and Memorable

To cut a long story short, the packaging of your fragrance impacts the purchasing decisions of many customers. Packaging involves the perception individuals carry of the brand and the products also with them. Be aware of this and must look for inventive ways to make your products catch the eyes of all. 

You can design your packaging on your own, but there is a high chance that you need professional help to not miss out on the essentials. 

We at BIG SKY PACKAGING can help you achieve what you are looking for. Our expertise and experience make us bring out the best of both worlds for you. Don’t forget exceptional fragrance packaging relies on connecting with a competent designer… we are happy to help you. 

Call 212-620-3100 for queries and doubts. 

Have a Happy Packaging Developing Journey!


BIG SKY PACKAGING partners with Scent Beauty, in the development of a private label fragrance and skincare brand for Amazon.

BIG SKY PACKAGING worked intensely with Amazon’s development team in the custom private label creation and development of ESSCENTIALS.  From custom glass, custom anodized caps, and pumps, through the sustainable paperboard outer retail box, the BIG SKY PACKAGING team delivered quality components as scheduled.

Each of the scents and moisturizers has its own unique personality to bring out the subtle qualities of how you feel & the type of mood you’re in without being overpowering like others on the market. We only use 100% naturally grown & harvested ingredients. The unique vegan formula uses natural alcohol derived from sugar cane plus is carbon renewable & biodegradable. Our formulas are free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens & synthetic dyes in addition to being cruelty-free & proudly made in the USA.

Sustainability is at the heart of ESSCENTIALS. The fragrance mist packaging is biodegradable & recyclable. The glass bottle is made from recycled glass & we encourage our customers to re-use & repurpose the bottle by removing the actuator for use as a vase in an effort to reduce waste.

Open the recyclable paper box and remove the ribbon seal from top of the bottle. Unscrew and remove the cap and replace it with the screw-on fragrance pump included in the box. Spray lightly or lavishly directly on skin as a light fragrance, or use as an ambient room spray. Once finished with your fragrance spray, unscrew and remove the pump, rinse, and re-purpose the glass bottle however you choose. We recommend as a small flower vase!

ESSCENTIALS by SCENT BEAUTY focuses on creating beautiful, light, clean scents & moisturizers derived from nature that enhance the body, mind, & soul. Each product was specifically formulated to capture the essence of the moment mentioned on the bottle & extends to the color on the label. ESSCENTIALS by SCENT BEAUTY can be bought exclusively online on Amazon.

Contact BIG SKY PACKAGING today and see how we can help your brand !

Customized Airless Packaging | Protect Your Investment

The Use of Customized Airless Packaging Is on the Rise.

Airless packaging, as supplied by BIG SKY PACKAGING, is a non-pressurized dispensing method that protects a product’s formulation from exposure to air.  It is widely used and applicable for most any brand, and is no longer limited to luxury or prestige brands.

In fact analysts predict the use of airless packaging to exceed $5.9 billion in 2023, followed by $6.3 billion by 2024. An increase in the demand for prestige products is one factor fueling market growth.

Aside from design and an airless package’s ability to protect the integrity of a formula, a major draw toward its use is the functionality and ability to evacuate approximately 95% of a product, near the end of its life.

The BIG SKY PACKAGING offers a complete line of stock airless components, which can be customized to meet your brand needs.  Bluemercury‘s M61 line is a the perfect example of how to effectively customized stock components, and create world class luxury skin care line.

The BIG SKY PACKAGING team provides a wide range of customizable airless components , which are found in beauty, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, oral care, cannabis and cbd.

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“Body” by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian first added custom fragrance to her repertoire in 2009, when she released a namesake perfume that smelled of gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine. KKW Fragrance has since released a crystal-inspired trio of scents (Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud) and in February, launched three Valentine’s-Day themed Kimoji Hearts perfumes (Bae, Ride Or Die, and BFF) under the KKW Fragrance brand name. However, her latest release, KKW Body is by far the most buzzed about. From the anatomically correct copy of Kim’s torso to the summer-inspired scent, has been the subject of controversy since the KKW Beauty mogul first started showing it off.

Bright, energetic bergamot embracing a burst of juicy peach nectar.  In the heart, the rich lusciousness of jasmine sambac meets the fresh beauty of the rose.  Ylang Ylang from Moheli lends texture and depth the o the body that eventually dries to a rich hand luxurious base of skin woods and musk that keeps the narcotic effect alive for hours.

BIG SKY PACKAGING:  Engineering and production of fragrance glass,  customized sandstone spray for surface color and texture, custom collar clip and pump.

Congratulations to our friends at KKW Fragrance for the continued success!

Kim Kardashian Fragrance

For more than a year BIG SKY PACKAGING worked intensely with the KKW Fragrance team in the development of truly iconic packaging that encapsulates the brand’s core identity, as well as stimulates personal memories and inspiration.  BIG SKY PACKAGING created 100% custom fragrance glass and closures, each designed with unique facets engineered to function flawlessly together and deliver the message of clarity and healing.

Crystals have truly never had a better publicist. The KKW fragrance arrives floating on a bed of them in a cloud-colored box, and it feels a little like old-school Kim; some bells and whistles mixed with a serene, almost clinical feeling.  Kardashian sees the signature Crystal Gardenia scent as a little more sensual than the other two and good for nights out, but really, she says, it’s about healing. “This to me is about having positive vibes, positive energy,” she said in an episode of the show filmed during the project’s development. “Nothing about sexy. I’ve done that for every other fragrance. I think this is about—straight to the point, like, healing, clarity.”

KKW Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, Crystal Gardenia Oud, from $35,, and Violet Grey (in-store).