Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The BIG SKY PACKAGING team offers a range of sustainable packaging solutions, in various materials, to meet the increasing demand for environmentally-conscious brands.

Bottles made from sustainable sources offer the opportunity for brands to demonstrate their environmental awareness, through packaging choices. The materials, as well as a quick introduction to each, are listed below:

  • PCR (Post Consumer Regrind)
  • PLA (Polylactic Acid)
  • Sugarcane Polymer
  • Eco-friendly Printing


  • PCR is plastic products that have been recycled, which means they have been reprocessed to be re-used in new manufacturing
  • PCR conserves energy and non-renewable resources as recycling replaces the need for primary extraction and the manufacture of new plastics
  • BSP offers a range of PCR materials for use in the production of plastic bottles and jars at levels of between 25% – 100% in PET and up to 50% in HDPE*
  • PCR tubes are available for use with PE starting at 25% PCR material

*Subject to material availability


  • PLA is a compostable polymer derived from renewable sources such as cornstarch
  • BSP partners have tested PLA in various manufacturing processes and the results to date have been promising although there are some limitations on what can be produced
  • We would be happy to develop this further in partnership with a customer – please contact the BSP sales team to discuss


  • Polymer made using bio-oil derived from sugar cane rather than traditional oil
  • BSP partners are currently producing sugarcane flexible tubes and bottles for the packaging market
  • Retains the same properties as traditional oil-based polymers
  • 100% renewable
  • Possible to achieve a negative carbon footprint
  • Investigating Polyethylene Furanoate (PEF) source, Bio-polymer equivalent to PET
  • Sugarcane Closures are also available.


Printing adds very little gram weight to the product. In addition, label materials are sometimes inconsistent with the bottle which can hinder recycling.

Please contact the BIG SKY PACKAGING team today and learn how we can help build your brand.

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