Behind the Scenes: BIG SKY PACKAGING Develops Premium Packaging for Virtue Labs

  • 30 April, 2024
  • 4 minutes
Develops Premium Packaging for Virtue Hair Care

Making the right packaging choices is not easy, especially for a hair care brand when many brands are leading the market already.

The same challenge we faced when we and Virtue Labs Care started taking. 

Thinking about how we came up with the best packaging solutions for them?

Let’s dive and learn!

  • Overview
  • About Virtue Labs Care
  • Procedure to Packaging
  • Step #1: The Idea Behind
  • Step #2: Time to Develop the Packaging
  • Step #3:  Translating Vision into Reality
  • Step #4: Evaluating Market Impact Before For Better Customer Response
  • Step #5: Right Packaging Delivered!
  • Key Takeaways



In a market filled with hair care products, standing out is as vital as adequate formulations. It demands packaging that mirrors innovation, quality, and luxury. 

Virtue Labs, a groundbreaking line of hair care products by Reason To Believe, recognized this need and buckled up to create packaging that would take their brand to new heights. 

BIG SKY PACKAGING, a leader in custom packaging solutions, played a pivotal role in bringing Virtue Lab’s vision to life. 

This case study delves into the collaboration between Virtue Labs and BIG SKY PACKAGING, highlighting the process from conception to market impact.

ABOUT Virtue Labs

ABOUT Virtue Labs

Reason To Believe unveiled Virtue Labs with a mission to redefine hair care through innovative formulations. Utilizing a revolutionary process to replicate natural keratin, Virtue Labs developed products that nourish and transform hair from within. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering tangible results, Virtue Labs sought packaging that would mirror the brand’s ethos.



Step #1: The Idea Behind

The journey began with a deep understanding of Virtue Labs’s vision. We engaged in extensive discussions with the Virtue Labs Care team to grasp their brand identity, target audience, and product positioning. By aligning themselves with Virtue Lab’s objectives, BIG SKY PACKAGING laid the foundation for a successful collaboration.

Step #2:  Time to Develop the Packaging

Armed with insights into Virtue Lab’s vision, BIG SKY PACKAGING embarked on the design execution phase. Leveraging our expertise in custom packaging solutions, we developed a range of concepts that combined functionality with aesthetic appeal. The focus was on creating custom co-extrusion soft-touch bottles and tubes, complemented by multi-textured bi-injection closures. These designs aim to not only protect and dispense the products effectively but also convey a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Step #3: Translating Vision into Reality

With the designs finalized, BIG SKY PACKAGING set out to bring Virtue Lab’s vision to life. Through painstaking attention to detail and a commitment to quality, BIG SKY PACKAGING oversaw the production process, ensuring that each component met the highest standards. The custom co-extrusion soft-touch bottles and tubes, along with the multi-textured bi-injection closures, were crafted to perfection, embodying Virtue Lab’s brand values.

Step #4: Evaluating Market Impact Before For Better Customer Response

Virtue Lab’s products, featuring the custom packaging developed by BIG SKY PACKAGING, were ready for their debut. But, what will be the response from consumers and industry professionals was one major thought. We made sure our packaging stands out on the shelves and captivates consumers with its elegant design and premium aesthetic. We ensured the packaging protects and dispenses the products effectively while communicating the quality and innovation synonymous with Virtue Labs.

Step #5: Right Packaging Delivered!

We at BIG SKY PACKAGING take pride in our role in bringing Virtue Lab’s vision to fruition. By understanding the brand’s vision, designing custom packaging solutions, and overseeing production with meticulous attention to detail, BIG SKY PACKAGING ensured that Virtue Lab’s products were presented in the best possible light. The success of Virtue Lab’s product packaging is a testament to BIG SKY PACKAGING’s commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver high-end custom components with retail appeal.

Key Takeaways

Customization is crucial: Developing packaging solutions to fulfill the brand’s precise needs is vital for creating an eternal impression on all and we took care of it.

Quality matters: Our primary focus was to look out for detail and a commitment to quality is crucial in delivering packaging that mirrors the brand’s values and resonates with clients.

Innovation drives differentiation: By opting for innovation in both product formulas and packaging design, we ensure that our clients can differentiate themselves in a packed market.

In closing, the association between Virtue Labs and BIG SKY PACKAGING exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in creating packaging that not only protects and dispenses products effectively but also conveys the brand’s values and resonates with consumers. 

So if you need to stand out in the market with your product’s packaging, trust BIG SKY PACKAGING.

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