How to Scale Your Beauty Business with Custom Packaging Solutions?

  • 18 January, 2023
  • 7 minutes

Scale up or make your beauty business stand out with custom packaging solutions. Let’s dive in to learn the tips!

Creating a remarkable unboxing experience for your audience is crucial nowadays, especially with the viral trend of people sharing unboxing videos on social media. A report shows that around 40% of customers share photographs of products over social media if they arrive in exceptional, creative, and artistic packaging. Many businesses, regardless of their size and industry, are leaning towards unique or custom packaging solutions for the same reason.

So, keeping design unique helps brands increase their reach and acquire faithful consumers who are pleased to buy again & again. Based on stats mentioned by Packaging Of The World, 30% of businesses report a boost in profit just by offering a unique product packing experience. 

Thinking about how businesses can elevate their brand using custom packaging options? Here are some thoughts to consider, but before that, let’s have a quick look at what custom packaging is…

About Custom Packaging

The word custom says it all; it is about something tailored to specific business needs. Similarly, custom packaging means no one-size-fits-all packaging but a unique solution based on the business needs as well as the target audience. 

It is not wrong to say that custom-tailored packaging is a must-have for businesses, as it is one of the first things customers see when the products arrive at their door. It nurtures a remarkable memory of the product and lays the framework for building brand loyalty. 

Custom packaging is an ideal substitute for standard packaging solutions for businesses willing to create a bright first appearance for the audience. It is no less than an extension of a brand by boosting the unboxing occurrence with tailored colors, text, and designs. 

Power of Custom Packaging in the Beauty Industry

Power of Custom Packaging in the Beauty Industry

Increased sales are all you want in your business, but you might be looking for ways to improve the same. Quality is one for sure, but leaving the best first impression on customers is also essential. Your custom packaging does that well. According to a study by IPSOS, 72% Of American consumers make purchasing decisions by the product’s packaging.

Of course, it is the foremost thing the beauty die-hards are going to see, with whom you are trying to build a bond. Hence, if you present the products through a more appealing message and design, you win more customers. 

So, while choosing packaging solutions, ensure that your customized stock packaging captures their attention and convinces them to take your product home and try it.

  • Helps You Create an Identity

Following a personalized theme for your products effectively attracts the audience and helps you make your brand stand out and seem unique amid the crowd. 

Think this way, if any customer receives your shipment and it is nothing like they have ever seen before, wouldn’t it tempt them? An elegant custom box with the brand’s logo and compelling message will always make a deeper impact. 

If that is the sort of impression your brands want to make, following any unique custom pattern for packaging for your products can be appealing to your customer. The fascinating packaging of the product not only entices customers for a moment, but also keeps you on their favorite list for the future.

  • Picking Eco-Friendly Packaging & Contributing to the Environment

IBM recently conducted a survey and revealed that near about 59% of consumers happily pay more for brands that are socially responsible. The stats suggest that if you are delivering shipments in eco-conscious packaging, you are not only contributing to the environment but also appealing to the buyers. 

Tips to Scale Your Business with Custom Packaging 

Tips to Scale Your Business with Custom Packaging
  • Select the Appropriate Style For Your Brand

The first step; pick a design or packaging style that meets your product type. In order to select suitable packaging, you must better analyze it before making the decision. 

Questions you can brainstorm:

  • Who is my customer base?
  • What sort of product are you selling?
  • What shape or packaging form fits the brand’s identity?
  • Which size of packaging suits your products and general use?

All such questions will help you select the appropriate style for your brand and attract customers.

  • Design Your Packaging with the Customer in Mind

Pinpoint what your ideal customers are looking for; you can also research what your competitors are doing. Check what works well with your products and determine whether 100% custom, personalized stock, or a combination of both work best for your brand. Sustainable options are available in most packaging today, so it’s safe to assume you can do your part, whether customer or stock. 

All in all, understanding your consumer base and their interests will assist you in picking your new packaging solutions. Don’t forget to emphasize what makes you outrun your competition.

  • Concentrate on Technicalities

Sure your packaging must look good, but it must also be functional. Make sure the packaging type you are choosing is ready to deliver the products ready to use, without any damage, to the product or customers. 

Ensure the selected material sufficiently protects the product inside, and eliminates the potential for compatibility and stability issues.

  • Add a Personal Touch to It

The best part about custom packaging is the unique customer experience… Everyone experiences something different, but there a few small things you can do to make it even better. For instance:

  • Confirm the order has been received and add a personal note.
  • Add a cheerful message (not same for all) to the shipment.
  • Follow up on the delivery and encourage feedback. 

This will make your customers feel bonded with you from the very first order!

Find Right Partner for Your Packaging Needs

Now you need to find the right partner for you, who not only understands your needs but is also well-versed in the industry.

  • Check their Experience

Experience matters the most. It’s critical to check any potential supplier’s experience in curating solutions for your industry before. The more experience they have, the more they know what solutions could be the best fit for your brand. Also, they can make suggestions based on your business needs; like what best you can do in terms of packaging, materials, decoration application, etc to enhance your sales.

  • Go Through Reviews

Most companies out there claim to be the best. But how will you determine? Why not learn from the experiences of others? Read the reviews by previous clients to better understand what sort of company you should invest your time and money in. 

Takeaway Thoughts

Whether to go with custom or personalized packaging – or not – is genuinely a big business decision to make. But following the stated tips can be a transforming step for your brand. If you are sending your products in visually-pleasing packaging, you are halfway there to increase your customer base. 

We at Big Sky Packaging believe in offering quality packaging solutions while keeping your budget in mind. From professional service & support to creative solutions, you can count on us for all your needs. 

Have queries to ask us? Reach us at +1-212-620-3100; we are happy to assist you.

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