At BeautyX Retail Summit’s Race For Shelf Space

Race For Shelf Space, the pitch competition capping BeautyX Retail Summit in Dallas, concluded with each of the participating brands, Groh, Skin Probiotics, and Wannabe, walking away with prizes from the retail judges.

Judges Jenny Duranski, owner of Lena Rose, and Jennifer Robinson, associate divisional merchandising manager of Neiman Marcus, picked bioactive skincare authority Skin Probiotics, and hair and scalp care brand Groh as the winners, respectively. The former feted Skin Probiotics founder Ellie Trinh with a one-month run on her store shelves and website with the possibility of an extension, while the latter gave Groh founder Rebecca Mariolis a chance to officially present to the Neiman Marcus buying team.

Custom extruded aluminum bottles and aluminum caps, both with brushed surface finish detail.  Anodized custom colors truly bring the brand to life!

Congratulations to our friends at Groh for the continued success!

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