Design Cosmetics Packaging that Sells & Sells: All You Need to Know

Beauty products are already unique in their own way, so what can you do with the packaging to make them look extraordinary? Here is something you must know!

The cosmetics industry is advancing into various horizons, and so is its packaging style. By now, most brands have taken this into consideration and started working on their outer packaging. That means, to stay in the competition or outsmart your rivals,  you must take a pause & learn what you can best do with your beauty brands’ packaging to make it look the best while functioning well.

Let’s walk through together and find out the best-looking yet favorable packaging style for your brand.

Dig-Deeper Into the Fundamentals of Cosmetics Packaging 

First thing first, you need to focus on a few essential elements to ensure a suitable packaging style for your brand. 

  • How do you want to present your brand?
  • Who is your brand’s target audience? 
  • What message do you want to convey to consumers acquiring your product?

Finding answers to all these questions will help you set your brand design standards, making it one-of-a-kind among many brands out there.

Steps to Create Your Own Perfect Cosmetics Packaging

The perfect packaging is one that caters to what’s vital to your target audience and communicates with them comprehensively.

The moment you begin to find the right style for your brand, you must choose a design that’s unique and appealing; while also timeless and universal, so your design stands the test of time. 

Time to begin with all the steps? Ready. Steady. Go…

Step 1. Design & Color Selection

The color of the packaging is the primary factor to work upon. You can choose any of the varied color palettes to make your packaging appear universally appealing.

Your main objective with color selection is to attract your customer base according to your niche. 

Play with various color mixes and rely on those that make your brand shine and work to build a loyal user base.

In all, colors that look natural are best for beauty goods. Pick any that represents: 

  • Liveliness
  • Youthfulness
  • Vivacity

All three elements offer your packaging a cordial and welcoming feel.

Step 2. Captivating Fonts in Design

Preferring visually mesmerizing fonts on your products’ outer packaging can be your winning point. It pulls everyone’s attention while forwarding the brand’s message to them and assisting all to relate to your label well. The right typography distinguishes your brand on the shelf too. 

Regardless of which vibe it holds, be it retro, bold, or bizarre, the astounding fonts are sure to stick to the memory of customers.

Step 3. Design & Patterns 

Your product’s package design starts with the colors you pick and ends with the pattern selected, or not in some cases. The more appealing patterns/shapes you prefer, the more it lures customers. Construct the right blend of color, font, and pattern and get the perfect packaging design.

Decide what suits your brand’s message well; either young and loud patterns or abstract ones.

Ensure that well-placed, breathtaking patterns make your packaging rock and give your brand a confident, young impression that shows up among so many brands out there. Always keep in mind that some of the worlds most successful brands have no pattern in their design at all!

Smart Step: Add Winning Unique Selling Point You Want to Convey

The design is incomplete without that one-liner message that is both attractive and meaningful and going to strike customers. Choose your message carefully, as this will be no less than that one engaging factor. 

You might have seen the brands displaying punchlines like “100% Organic”, “Ideal for All Skin Types,” or many more. 

So find a tagline that illustrates your brand’s products well and expresses the unique selling point of your brand.  

Conclusion: Find a Creative Yet Seasoned Packaging Designer 

You might want to give a professional touch to your brand’s packaging. If yes, the biggest step you need to take is to decide on the right packaging company.

Make sure the company is well-versed in the cosmetic industry solutions and has a dynamic team of packaging engineers in-house. 

Well, you can get all this by reaching us at BIG SKY PACKAGING. We are happy to craft the design of your dreams. Tell us how you imagine your packaging to be, and we promise we will bring it to life. 

Oh yes, call 212-620-3100 and get in touch with us today!

Make Your Brand Stand Out!

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